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Become a certified green web designer

Proudly show off to your peers, clients, and your grandma.

Complete the course.
Get certified.

Anyone who completes all of the course content and quizzes can get their hands on this shiny new badge.

But it’s not just about showcasing another certification.

I created this course because I believe in the power each of us hold to make the world. And I can’t wait to see you rockin’ that badge on your newly-greened site!

But when we all start seeing it ‘out in the wild’ it also serves as a reminder that we’re making progress. We’re changing the game. We’re starting a movement – a green design revolution.

And that’s something to be mega(byte) proud of.

This badge could be yours

Choose what works best in your brand! PNG and SVG files are provided so you can use as is or change to your brand colors.

Use it on your website, social media, your reusable coffee cup, wherever you wanna promote your green web design skills.

Do I have to pay extra for the certification?

Nope! Complete the course content and all the quizzes (regardless of score – if you’re taking the quizzes, you’re committed) and the certification is yours!

Will you send me the badges and show how to use them?

Yep! Upon completion, you’ll gain access to all the badge files and a short style guide on do’s and don’ts on how to use the certification successfully in your marketing.

Does the certification have any monetary value?

There is no monetary value to the certification. It’s primarily for you to use in your marketing to show off your initiative in learning green web design and assuring your clients you know your stuff.

Why are there three badges? Does it matter which I use?

It doesn’t matter which badge you use! I designed three because I was having too much fun designing this brand and couldn’t help myself. But it’s also for your benefit! Three options hopefully allow you to choose one that will match your branding nicely.


Start learning Green Web Design

Investment: $300 USD