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A practical approach to sustainable web design

Erase the guilt and the shame. Green web design is possible for every designer.

Green web design has become a phenomenon in the world of sustainability.

Everyone wants to talk about the impact of the Internet on the world’s collective carbon footprint. But does it actually impact the planet all that much? And what should we be sacrificing to get there?

The amount of misinformation, fear-mongering, and outlandish claims floating around when it comes to the sustainability of the web is alarming.

And calls to delete vital content from your web presence are getting louder.

It can be hard to know what to believe when all these voices are echoing around your digital world.

That’s where the Green Web Design Course comes in.

It’s designed to cut through the bullshit and the noise. And to approach sustainability with practicality.

Hitting delete on your website and social media to save the planet a few grams of carbon isn’t the answer.

But having a bloated site is a drag.

Who wants to wait forever for a site to load? If your site’s not loading in 5 seconds or less, most people are bouncing. Ain’t nobody got time to wait around for your information. No matter how beautifully designed. They’ll find someone else.

So what can we all do?

We can design greener websites without driving ourselves to burnout. We can do it without shame and without the need for perfection. We can design websites better for people, the planet, and our businesses.

Green web design is good web design.

The Green Web Design Course aims at getting back to basics without sacrificing modern design. And without needing to know a lick of code!

Green web design should not be a unique biz selling point. Every web designer should be a green web designer. For the sake of the planet and the people that live on it.

Values we vibe with


Being kind to the planet, its people, and ourselves is the whole reason we’re all here. Fuck burnout, exploitation, and selfishness. I believe in sustainability in all facets of biz.


Sick of not knowing what info to trust? Me too. This course aims to be as transparent as possible about what’s true, what’s bogus, and how to spend your time in the most impactful way.


Competition is overrated. The world’s already too cold and bitter. Why add any more to it? Grab a cuppa, put your feet up, and we’ll lift each other up as we change the fucking world. All are welcome here.


No one has ever made history by doing what everyone else is doing. To design a low carbon site, you gotta think outside the box. Let your imagination run wild cause green design does NOT have to be boring.

Hey, I’m Amy!

Your guide into the world of green web design

I’ve been designing websites since I was 13. Back in my Neopet days, I taught myself how to code for fun and always tried to do what had never been done before.

But it wasn’t until I founded Blue Raspberry Design that I thought to look up the web’s impact on the planet. I felt a little silly Googling “can websites be green?” They’re websites. They’re digital. Of course they’re green. Aren’t they?

That was just the start to the rabbit hole I’ve gone down and after learning and designing green websites for 3 years now, I’m so excited to share that knowledge with the rest of the world.

Green web design can sound intimidating, but I promise you, it can be done easily and beautifully.


Start creating greener websites with confidence.

Investment: $300 USD (payment plans available)